Let’s take a look at five reasons you should learn about art history.

This thesis statement describes my studying habits during high school, clearly were not the best however, in college I’ve tried to improve my note-taking, taking notes and studying skills. It convinced a lot of European leaders of the fact that peace, stability, and standing globally would be protected only by Europeans were united. First sentence: I used to take notes during high school , but I frequently did not take notes as I did my note-taking skills in college. In the decades following 1945, Europe continued to be divided the West and the East, however, it was when it got to the West that unity started to become a possibility.

Interest Note Writing Connection. In the end, however there were political changes across central and eastern Europe gradually brought back those old dreams that were once a part of "Paneuropa." Topic Sentence 2. This section discusses–on the basis of a European as opposed to a nation-wide basis–the intellectual, social, economic and cultural implications of these developments and others within Europe. Ordinary study in the course of the term is a different subject to which I’ve made some changes. For a thorough review of the diplomatic events and military developments in World Wars I and II and World War II, refer to World War I and World War II.

The topic sentence for Pace Consolidation In addition to learning to manage my daily tasks I’ve also learned how to manage study sessions for large tests. For more details on how diplomatic relations developed in the 20th century of Europe and the world, refer to international relations. Spacing Attitude Conclusion. The Top 5 Reasons You Should Take a Course in Art History. The essay was written by an undergraduate student. Art history is much more than a series of art and sculptures created by people from long in the past.

It can be used to help you write your own essay, or you can use as a reference, however, you must cite the source. It’s a dynamic, living subject that enriches you in ways that you cannot even imagine. Professional help is available and you can make time to attend more crucial classes. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should learn about art history. Beginning at 3 hours of delivery. 1. More than 450 experts on 30 topics. It offers a deep look at the world.

Do you realize that we’ve more than 70,000 essays on 3,000 subjects within our databases? Quiz for you How long do you think it will be to complete an intensive study of anthropology theology, history, literature as well as theology, chemistry geometry engineering, physics political and war? A decade if had two double majors? Longer? Please cite this webpage.

While it is possible to pursue the study of one of these subjects into to be a lifetime research, learning about art historical studies is each of these areas. Learn how the human body works as a unit, working in synergy for the purpose of living. Through studying art history, it gives yourself a foundational education in the humanities, in the sciences, as well as in STEM subjects. Students who are pursuing studies in art and history in a school of art at a university are able to earn their bachelor’s degree in just four years. What can you do can I Study History Independently. It is also possible to undertake the study of their own art history, too.

The article was co-authored with Emily Listmann, MA. In reality, even though we do teach art history as part of the Mastery Course , we strongly encourage students to continue to study art history throughout the course all their lives. Emily Listmann is a private tutor in San Carlos, California. The importance of studying art history cannot be overemphasized. She has been an Social Studies Teacher as well as a Curriculum Coordinator and an SAT Prep teacher.

It helps artists build a online solid foundation not just in art but in all aspects of life, and everything that goes into life. She earned her MA in Education from the Stanford Graduate School of Education in 2014. 2. There are eight references mentioned in this article. Art History Allows Us to create a connection with the past. They are listed at the end of the page. This may sound obvious, since art history is essentially historical, but learning about the past and feeling connected to it are often two distinct things. The article was read 48,335 times.

When you study the history of art it is revealed that the reason why certain paintings, such as Caravaggio’s, are dark is that they’re intended to be seen at night. Learning history on your own can present numerous challenges. A piece from Salon recalls that back when paintings from antiquity were made without electricity, light bulbs weren’t even invented.

There are many opportunities lost due to not being able to talk about important events and have an engaging experience. Paintings were observed, like Caravaggio’s, in daylight or by candlelight. But, whatever the situation there are numerous ways to learn about history efficiently by organizing your material and creating a plan, and pursuing action by looking for like-minded people. When you examine artwork in a way that is more closely related to the context where the painting was created you can connect to an era in much different way than reading about the art in a text. Learning on your own can give you an abundance of knowledge and information.

3. It can also provide you with new concepts that you might not have thought of before. It assists us in orienting ourselves to the present. How studying Church History Strengthens My Faith. The University of the People tells the reasons why the study of art history is beneficial to us in the present. When I was in high school living in South Africa, I enjoyed studying the history of the country. Our world has become increasingly visual. While at university I graduated with a diploma in history.

Everybody owns a mobile phone or tablet computer. While a seminary student, and later the institute students, I was awed by all of my classes, but I especially enjoyed reading the Doctrine and Covenants since it brought me into the Church’s history. These devices are filled with images taken from mobile phones or video games, as well as movies. Through the years, I’ve loved reading books about Church history.

The ability to process images will prove to become increasingly essential as they begin become more and more popular as the primary method of communication. Some even addressed the most difficult issues in our history. When you study art history you’ll learn how tools for art, such as cameras, connect with the rest of society.

In the process of continuing to study about the history of the Church through various sources, my own faith grows. You’ll discover how images are a part of society and discover how you can participate in the discussion. Here are three ways it occurs. 4. The history of the church provides perspective for me, particularly with regard to previous practices, like the restrictions on priesthood as well as temple blessings.

It teaches You How to incorporate information.

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