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It acts as the fundamental alliance between the hardware and the system processes. The Linux kernel not only interconnects these two but also manages all of their resources linux administration as efficiently as possible. The word “kernel” means “seed,” and like every seed inside a fruit, the kernel also exists inside the operating system of a computer.

how to become a linux developer

When getting started, I’d recommend that you choose a particular area that interests you to focus on. I spend most of my time acting as a reviewer for patches posted in the Memory Management mailing list for the Virtual Memory Management subsystem. It contains the implementation of demand paging and virtual memory. Also, it contains memory allocation for user space programs and kernel internal structures. 99% of the time, everything you need as a full stack developer is easily available and ready to use in Linux. Developers are common, after all, and that means unless you’re going outside the bounds of what most people consider normal, you’ll have no trouble. Use standard environments with hardware and software configuration, and you’ll be in a well-documented world with plenty of support.

Take Linux classes, get Linux certifications

It’s kind of like if Steve Ballmer is throwing a chair at you, then you’re probably already a high-level Microsoft exec in charge of something at the “Windows” or “Office” level of granularity. It is highly recommended that you search the archives about the topic you want to bring up, before you post it to the list.

It detects and observes the nature of the problem in-depth and will guide you to overcome it via a step-by-step approach. Knowledge about these two topics not only helps the developer to find the best solution for a problem, but also saves a lot of time and memory space. You can watch all the video lectures and download online materials to clear up your conceptions and theories about data structures and algorithms. Below are some of the books to learn about data structures and algorithms. The C language is useful for writing various operating systems as well as writing application-based programs.

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On average, the salary of a Linux kernel developer is around $123,500 to $179,500. Many adult vocational schools or two-year colleges have a range of beginning programming courses in languages such as C++. Programming in the Linux® operating system also requires a working knowledge of navigating and modifying the system in a terminal mode rather than with a graphical user interface. This practice allows a Linux® programmer a greater degree of control over system adaptations as well as over new programs from scratch. Some Linux® programmers do their coding in a terminal mode editor rather than in a compiling program called an integrated development environment . An ability to program in both an IDE and in the Linux® terminal mode will give you more flexibility while learning the languages needed to become a Linux® programmer.

how to become a linux developer

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