No-Nonsense Guide to Measuring Productivity

how to calculate fte productivity

Depending on your point of view, output went up, down, or stayed the same. If you adjust for the price change by comparing revenues using 1987 prices, output went down. You might look to standard costs for guidance, but they may also present a confusing picture as well as concerns about accuracy.

how to calculate fte productivity

For example, let’s say you have a 100-hour project to complete within a week. Based on a 40-hour fte meaning FT workweek, you’d need two full-time workers and one 0.5 FTE part-time employee.


Our model will then instantly calculate the Full Time Equivalent for you. With 14 employees, 7 of which are full-time and 7 part-time, the staffing capacity is 9.04 full-time employees per year. Five of them work full-time , three occupy a part-time position each working 20 hours a week, and the other two each work 10 hours per week. What really happened at the company depends on what really happened at the plant and in the marketplace, not in the numbers. Was the old price relationship between the two products somehow incorrect? A manager must consider questions like these before evaluating productivity trends in such a case. Remarkably, many people who make decisions every day about improving plant efficiency don’t know how to answer this simple question.

  • Before that, let’s look at some parameters required for the calculation.
  • In Immediate Service Queues such as Inbound, Chat etc., the occupancy is an output derived fromErlang C.
  • The result was increased productivity in every department but one—data processing.
  • Calculating FTE even gives small businesses insight into whether they’re paying too little or too much in project costs.
  • On the other hand, you may be wondering if your company is required to provide health insurance according to the regulations of the Affordable Care Act.

FTE value helps in indicating the number of full-time employees that a company shall employ in a year or the number and type of employees needed to complete a project. A full-time equivalent assists in tallying work hours, salaries, employee productivity, and company’s or workplace’s productivity, as well as calculating how much time an assignment or a project will take. One of our clients manages cross-docking operations for one of the nation’s largest retailers. Cross-docking is where you take imported containerized ocean freight, unload it, then reload it into outbound truck freight. It is basically like taking apart a Rubik’s cube and then reassembling it. The industry paradigm is to look at the production metric for the workers handling the freight in terms of cases per hour .

Calculating the cost of a new employee

Unfortunately, though, the world we inhabit is far from ideal, and so we must deal with the tangled complexities of the process of human living. For a problem with such high stakes, it is not a very satisfying answer, but it ultimately reflects the real world. In this simple step, we simply calculate the costs of the community as per the previous methods and deduct this cost by the annual value saved above.

Labor, capital, and materials are all potential substitutes for each other. Effective productivity measurement requires the development of an index that identifies the contribution of each factor of production and then tracks and combines them. Small companies can benefit from small business healthcare tax credits if the company doesn’t have more than 10 FTEs whose salaries are not more than $25,400 a year. If a company has more than 10 FTEs, the tax credits may be reduced. The IRS demands the FTE numbers at the end of each fiscal year. The FTE also provides real-time data to managers and allows decision-makers to stay compliant with the rules. The working hours of part-time workers and the duration of their service will be compared to the FTE.

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