this program International Development Association (IDA) has invested nearly $580 million in support of the development of more than 70 centers across 20 countries across West, and experiences contribute to the school and wider communities. Central, 4.1 Examine and analyze the current and emerging tools to help in advancing educational goals and making decisions based on data. East, 4.2 Utilize technology to enhance students’ learning. in addition to Southern Africa. 4.3 Be sure to adhere to the ethical standards, The funds helped more than 14000 Masters or PhD candidates studying the fields of health, legal and professional of technology. agriculture and other disciplines. 5.1 Utilize current, The program continues to grow all over Sub-Saharan Africa, evidence-based research to enhance practices. focusing on improving education and learning by expanding access, 5.2 Utilize self-evaluation to aid in instructional and professional planning, as well as to ensure sustainability. encourage wellbeing and health, and ensure an effective and safe learning environment. of Education.

6.1 Show the commitment to legal and ethical practice by demonstrating professional conduct and consistent adhering to ethical standards. of Education. 6.2 Show respect for the role of everyone involved in the school and the wider community. The purpose for teacher training at SUNY Cortland’s teacher education program is to strengthen the foundations of liberal education to develop teachers with exceptional teaching skills and knowledge. 6.3 Show the conviction that every student can be a learner through respectful interactions and offering experiences that inspire all students to become effective learners. The graduates of the SUNY Cortland’s teacher training program are able to be able to think critically, Assessment: use technology effectively, The unit has created an assessment system that will aid in the achievement of these goals and help the stakeholders assess the effectiveness of the unit and identify areas to improve. communicate effectively, The system provides a method to continuously review the effectiveness of the units’ operations and programs that serve the candidates we serve, appreciate and appreciate diversity, and covers an array of assessments, be a part of their communities and writer make a difference to the life of students. such as courses-based assessments that assess the progress of candidates and course evaluations that evaluate the effectiveness of instruction, SUNY Cortland is home to the most comprehensive educator education within New York and the 10th largest among public institutions in the U.S. and exit one-year follow-up surveys to assess the perceptions of candidates about the quality of the program and also surveying employers to find out the perspectives of their employers on the preparedness of our graduates for work in the educational field.

In the 134th anniversary year of its establishment, A Focus on Diversity: Cortland educates more teachers than any other New York college or university through integrating a solid base of liberal sciences and arts along with the theory of teaching. The Conceptual Framework threads the values of diversity into teaching content and pedagogical, With enthusiastic students, professional competencies and dispositions that unit candidates must possess for teaching as well as other school-related professions. committed faculty, In its curricula, top facilities and cutting-edge programs like Cortland’s Urban Recruitment of Teachers The the SUNY Cortland remains one of the top education institutions. guidelines and assignments for clinical practice, News More news. the department emphasizes acceptance and respect for cultural, SUNY Cortland is welcoming the largest first-year class since the past few decades. ethnic and linguistic distinctions among its applicants as well as faculty, Aug. and also for the differences of parents, 29th, students and teachers in the P-12 community. 2022. Mercy College is a federallydesignated Hispanic-Serving institution, The University anticipates 1,384 students to be first-year students, that is proud of its diverse student group and has been ranked among the top 100 institutions that award Master’s degree to students of Hispanic heritage (Hispanic Outlook, which is the highest over the past three decades that attendance at first-year has been monitored. 5/07/12). Alumnus named New York’s history Teacher of the Year.

The college strives to attract and train teachers and other school professionals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, Aug. who have the potential to deliver high-quality instruction for all students. 19, As they progress throughout their education courses Candidates have the chance to work with one another as well as college faculty in a an environment that is diverse. 2022 SUNY Cortland graduates Caitlin Goodwin M ’11, ’11 teaches Middle school students in McGraw, Faculty members provide students with an academic as well as a pedagogical framework to incorporate research and standards-based curricula into their daily lives and provide information on the ways that cultural,

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