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HitBTC Review

If you wish to withdraw you have to send your crypto to another exchange, and sell it there, before withdrawing to your bank account. You are also not able to deposit AUD into KuCoin, because there are no fiat markets to trade, but there is a fiat gateway.

HitBTC Review

As far as downsides go, HaasOnline has several worth mentioning. For starters, access to the platform doesn’t come cheap, and an advanced plan can cost as much as 0.009 BTC. Furthermore, there’s no bot marketplace, and unless you use a C# script or TradingView integration, you won’t have access to social trading.


It can take time for a human to carry out a trade, and all the while the trade may be losing its value. But bots can place orders instantly, taking advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise. When specified correctly, they can analyse data and execute trades across multiple exchanges and multiple cryptocurrencies. Traders can set up bots from templates or from scratch, powering them up with advanced tools such as stop loss or trailing take profit. 3Commas works on a range of exchanges, including Bittrex, KuCoin and Binance and can trade multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Another attractive feature is the ability to follow professional traders and integrate their analysis of market fluctuations. With no limits on the cryptocurrencies you can trade, Zignaly offers a high level of freedom.

The massive Telegram chat community is another place where TradeSanta clients can get information and assistance immediately from crypto professionals and advanced traders registered at the platform. WunderTrading is a cloud-based platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly. Users can copy trade the best crypto traders with transparent track records, trade themselves using Wunderbit’s advanced trading terminal or create fully automated trading bots using TradingView. The main reason why TradeSanta looks outstanding in the crypto market is the variety of automated trading options it offers. Despite the complexity of the trading process, this platform makes the process simple, fast, and beginner-friendly.

vcurrencies offer an alternative to centrally issued cashback, stable coins, and rewards.

When you register or purchase through links on this page, we may earn a commission. Unfortunately, if you don’t use https://www.tokenexus.com/ TradingView signals, your bots will be very limited in functionality, which is the major downfall of 3Commas.

  • Evaluating the level of competition faced by the project with respect to its domain, tech & market sector.
  • Verge uses the anonymity tool Tor and an anonymous network layer I2P to hide specific transactions.
  • If you plan to get more bots, consider one of the paid plans described above.
  • If we receive complaints about individuals who take over a thread or forum, we reserve the right to ban them from the site, without recourse.
  • HitBTC is a global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013.
  • With no limits on the cryptocurrencies you can trade, Zignaly offers a high level of freedom.

Experienced traders will enjoy margin tradingwith up to 100x leverage,earning interest on their crypto, and even instantly buying popular cryptocurrencies with Visa, Mastercard, or Apple Pay. HitBTC offers a web-based platform, something which is common among crypto-exchanges. While this has the obvious drawback of increasing your browser’s resource consumption , it does still allow you to access your account from any device. This is not the case with leading forex trading platforms, like MetaTrader4 . Swapzone receives exchange rates directly from the exchange service platforms. With Swapzone, the exchange provider that is offering the best exchange rate will be listed at the top.


However, many of the more powerful features – like TradingView and Telegram signals integration – must be purchased as add-ons. Cryptohopper has a popular social trading marketplace where you’ll find hundreds of strategies, signals, and complete bots for sale. When it comes to social trading, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better platform than CryptoHopper. The Strategy Designer provides access to over 130 technical indicators and candlestick patterns, from which custom buy and sell signals can be constructed.

  • Crypto is unregulated in the UK; there’s no consumer protection; value can rise or fall; tax on profits may apply.
  • The users of a Maximum plan can design unlimited amounts of trading bots and can access unlimited crypto pairs.
  • The Strategy Designer provides access to over 130 technical indicators and candlestick patterns, from which custom buy and sell signals can be constructed.
  • The demo exchange is an excellent offering, allowing users to modify and tweak their rules in a real market environment before risking any of their own funds.
  • Gunbot ONE is a free license with access to one strategy on one exchange, meant as an introduction to the software.
  • While we are independent, the offers that appear on this site are from companies from which finder.com receives compensation.

TradeSanta supports several most popular crypto exchanges including Binance, BitFinex, UpBit, Huobi, HitBTC, and Bittrex. The company promises that more are coming to be featured on the platform, notably two of the largest crypto platforms – Kraken and KuCoin. TradeSanta also features various technical indicators and tools at the disposal of platform users. These indicators allow traders to set up two types of bots – Grid and DCA. They both place the buy order along with extra orders in case the price moves against the original order. However, Grid bot places take profit order separately for each buy order, whereas DCA bot will place a single take profit order for all buy orders executed. TradeSanta is a cloud-based software designed to automate cryptocurrency trading strategies and make trading accessible to everyone.

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If you are interested in derivatives trading, the fees are even lower, at just 0.01% for makers and 0.06% for takers. Swapzone integrates with the supported exchanges through an API for each supported pair. After that, Swapzone sorts the offers out by exchange rate, estimated time, and ratings.

HitBTC Review

In addition, you can reach out over email or via one of Coinrule’s social media channels. If you are a complete novice, you may find it more helpful to select one of the templates HitBTC Review provided. Whilst there are over 150 to choose from, they can only be unlocked according to the plan you have selected, with more templates being available on the upgraded plans.

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